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Teaching science hasn't changed much in 200 years. Let's try something different.

Make learning science fun by playing plot-driven video games that teach advanced scientific concepts for children 9 - 14.

Try our first game that teaches students about atoms and lasers through scientifically accurate gameplay.


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What is Lux Science?

An Educational Platform


Plot-driven story to captivates young minds.

Engages students who are visual learners


Open-world learning that allows students to explore & learn.

Designed on Montessori principles of learning by doing


Apply science concepts to progress in the game.

Makes complex ideas simple without quizzes & tests.

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“It’s not like other educational games. You have to move around, make stuff, and explore. That’s fun!”

-Gurveer D., 13 years old

“This game is very smooth and teaches step by step how lasers work”

-Brahnjot D., 10 years old

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